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Our partnership with The Links, Incorporated gives entrepreneurial women the tools and support they need to succeed as financial professionals to the high net worth market.

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Discover a New Avenue to Entrepreneurship

The Links, Incorporated has a supportive partner in M Financial Group, and that partnership plays a crucial role in the organization’s mission of service and economic empowerment. Magnet, M’s diversity recruitment and training program for Financial Professionals, is a way for entrepreneurial Links members like you to build a thriving financial services practice and achieve your career goals. Through Magnet, you’ll use your strengths and skills to help businesses and families in your community live better. 



Meet Your Partner in Success

M Financial is a leading financial services company that serves the high net worth market through an exclusive network of more than 145 Member Firms across the U.S. Watch the video to hear Dr. Kimberly Jeffries Leonard explain how the partnership helps The Links fulfill its mission of enriching and sustaining financial health within the communities it serves.

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Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

As a Magnet-trained Financial Professional, you’ll have more flexibility in how you spend your time, more control over what you earn, and more opportunities to positively change the lives of your clients. It is the ideal career for women looking to have a meaningful impact and a voice at a company where creative thinking and serving the community are valued and rewarded. See the opportunities available.

Links Personalized Training

Grow in Skill and Confidence

Magnet is an intensive two-year program that gives you knowledge, skills, and confidence that will bring sustained value to your client relationships. Magnet’s market-leading and personalized training path offers state-of-the-art learning tools and an expansive network of industry experts and thought leaders. Magnet Financial Professionals are paired with mentors at one of our Member Firms who can provide valuable advocacy and insight — vitally important to a professional’s career progression. Learn more about the Magnet program.



Find out if a career at M Financial is right for you.