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The Transition to an Industry That Provides Work-Life Balance

Jul 10, 2020 2:00:00 PM / by Magnet Communications Team

Jacalyn Barens fell into the insurance industry after working in luxury hospitality for more than four years, managing reservations for wealthy customers, and becoming dissatisfied with the lack of work-life balance hospitality provided her.

Many people have contemplated a career change in search of a healthy work-life balance. Jacalyn Barens, Magnet Financial Professional at Chamberlain Group, is one of those people.

                                Jacalyn Barens

“I needed to do something different – I was tired of working every holiday and 80 hours a week,” said Jacalyn.

Jacalyn grew up around insurance — her mother, Kristin Barens, is a partner at Mullin Barens Sanford Financial — but never had the desire to enter the industry. She knew that she enjoyed working with high net worth clientele, however she struggled with determining what her next move would be.

Jacalyn contacted a recruiter who, after serious analysis, told her that she needed to sell life insurance. She was surprised, but she ultimately decided to pursue the idea.

Jacalyn's Journey to Insurance

“I didn’t want to work with my mom’s firm, but I did ask her to help guide me in the right direction. She told me that there was a firm in Orange County that she trusted introducing me to,” said Jacalyn.

Chamberlain Group was looking for an ambitious, aspiring Magnet Financial Professional and determined Jacalyn to be a great fit. Jacalyn continues to advance her career, and she attributes much of her success to the support Magnet Program provides.

Magnet Mentorship

“There are so many advantages of working in the insurance industry and being in this program,” Jacalyn said. “Mentorship is really big for me. I grew up watching my mom have a very supportive mentor who she still works with every day. I am very lucky to receive mentorship from someone who I respect as a person.”

She continued, “My mentor wants to be involved in my success as much as possible. I’d advise anyone to make sure they get to know their mentor before they say yes. I did nine interviews before I said yes, and I think it’s very crucial. If you do it right, this person will be your mentor for the next 20 or 30 years. They must be as willing to teach you as you are willing to learn. The day-to-day mentorship is what is really going to make a difference in this business.”

While mentorship is important to an individual’s success, having balance in your work and personal life is equally important. The insurance industry provides flexibility, and that’s one of the highlights for Jacalyn.

“The best thing about this business is that we’re not stuck at a desk from 9 to 5 every day. If I’m in the office too much during the week, my boss tells me to get out. The more I’m out of the office and networking, the better. I have flexibility while I’m working, but also whenever I’m done for that day I get to go out and do the things I enjoy doing.”

The Business Side of the Industry

“There are two sides – there's the personal side of the succession planning and insurance, but then there's also the business side of it. How are you going to legally and tax efficiently transition your business to the second generation, but also what is your personal plan to transition your personal wealth to your second generation?” Jacalyn continued. “It’s complicated, because every single client we have is different. Every solution that we bring them is flexible. We're really unique. We're not transactional, we really do try to find the best solution possible for our clients.”

Aside from business, Jacalyn’s passion for helping to bring peace to families in times of mourning and loss is something that she cherishes.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about money when you’re experiencing the loss of a loved one. Now, I’m in an industry where I can prevent that. If I can help to bring peace of mind that they’re going to be OK, even on their worst day, I’ve done my job.” 

Learn more about how the Magnet Program supports up-and-coming financial professionals on their journey by providing the tools they need to be successful.

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